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Most Amazing Ever

iHerb 客户发表于 9月 30, 2008 | 已验证购买

I have tried varieties of L-Tryptophan. Even one compounded by a pharmacist. This version with the Coenzyme B-6 is the most remarkable. I feel better quickly and sleep very well at night. It helps with daily stress and is perfectly safe. Eliminates many cravings for sugar and caffeine. A great investment in my health. Wouldn't be without it.


Much better than straight melatonin

aRPiieS发表于 5月 26, 2011 | 已验证购买

Tryptophan is much better and much more consistent than melatonin in sleep support, act's much slower but much longer and does not give you same kind of night sweats. Melatonin knocks you out faster and harder but wears off in hour or two, max three. You also get benefits of serotonin and endorphin as your body manufactures also these from tryptophan. For me it is easier to get adequate tryptophan from pills than food at night as my metabolism turns on overdrive and goes through night if I eat too much heavily tryptophan laden food before bed time. Will buy again if there is still a need for sleep aid next time. P5P is a additional bonus on this one, iherb should take 90 or 120 pcs packages into lineup fast.


더워서 잠 잘 못잘 때

tikiti发表于 7月 16, 2015 | 已验证购买

꿀잠 자려면 자기 전에 3개 먹으래서 3개 먹었더니 담날 10시까지 자버려서... 두개씩 먹습니다. 마그네슘과 드세요. 트립토판이 세로토닌으로 전환될 때 마그네슘이 필요합니다.


L-Tryptophan Source Naturels

iHerb 客户发表于 2月 10, 2011 | 已验证购买

My 25 year old son, who suffers from severe schizophrenia symptoms, probably caused by organophosphate poisoning at the age of 8, has been taking L-Tryptophan for 2 weeks and the change in him is remarquable. He has been confined to the house and his bed for years now we are out walking twice a day! The terror of passing people is diminished considerably and the overwhelming wish to die has gone. I hope it is going to last as we tried 5HTP last year with the same effect but it suddenly stopped working and he was thrown back into the hellish pit of schizophrenia.


Brain Chemistry Change

iHerb 客户发表于 1月 19, 2010 | 已验证购买

In the past, I used this product for insomnia, and I had good results. Since then, I've gone into menopause and am having sleep issues again. Last week I started taking the L-Tryptophan again, and I've had disturbing dreams and nightmares several times. Apparently my brain chemistry has changed, and this supplement is not right for me now. I would still recommend it to persons with chronic insomnia.


Unexpected results

iHerb 客户发表于 7月 15, 2016 | 已验证购买

I took just one the first time I opened my new bottle and didn't notice any difference in my sleep pattern. So, it sat om my nightstand next to my other medications and supplements for a few weeks. Then 2 days ago, I read the back label once, then again, noticing I could be taking them MORE than just at bedtime. So, I began taking one at bedtime and for 2 days in a row I slept through the night. And today I took one in the morning along with my pain med and anxiety med and did a few things and started to feel a difference in my mood. I went to my chiropratic appointment and he was able to do a wonderful manipulation. And I began to really feel good. I plan to give this a chance by taking just the 2 a day and see how I continue doing. Hopefully I can stop taking my anxiety med at some point after speaking with my Primary doctor who I advised ahead of time that I had purchased the L-Tryptophan. Right now I'm ready for my 2nd dose. Quite the unexpected results.


Well designed formula

iHerb 客户发表于 8月 17, 2010 | 已验证购买

The inclusion of B6 as p5p was a good choice in conjunction with tryptophan. The Dr. Best formula includes B3 as niacinamide (which is a known soporific agent), but having added my own niacinamide, I cannot perceive any difference. Melatonin is synthesized AFTER serotonin. The synthesis of serotonin (and other neurotransmitters) is catalyzed by a B6-dependent enzyme. Furthermore, B6 is required to manufacture Niacin from tryptophan. Thus a reason one might choose tryptophan over melatonin is NOT to skip any intermediary steps (there are a few studies showing that direct melatonin supplementation reduces levels of intermediary products). I use low-dose melatonin anyway (Same brand, sustained release) because sleep is scarce.


In combination

iHerb 客户发表于 4月 25, 2014 | 已验证购买

I am using this in combination of Pregnenolone, Vinpocetine and Huperzine A to help with my memory. I can actually say I have been able to tell that I have better recall since I started taking it.


Л-Триптофан настроение портит

iHerb 客户发表于 8月 10, 2014 | 已验证购买

Содержит стеарат магния, dibasic calcium phosphate. Первая точно вредная добавка. Л-Триптофан в виде крупных таблеток. Настроение портится от того, что тошнит слегка. Перестал принимать-перестало тошнить.500 mG 60 таблеток. Приходится вынести на помойку.


Профилактика и лечение легкой депрессии!!!

iHerb 客户发表于 4月 12, 2017 | 已验证购买

Такой же отзыв я написал про препарат фирмы NOW. Почему профилактика и лечение легкой депрессии, да потому, что средняя и тяжелая стадия этого недуга, лечится исключительно антидепрессантами! Это мое личное мнение и конечно моего врача. В свои 30 лет судьба преподнесла подарок в виде ОКР. За 6 месяцев ОКР загнало в тяжёлую депрессию со всеми жёсткими вытекающими (бессонница- не смыкал глаз около 8 дней и это не преувеличение, я понял что такое возможно, потом на этом фоне мысли о суициде ) .Первым делом я хотел побороть недуг сам, но чем больше я с ним боролся самостоятельно тем в большую депрессию меня вгоняло заболевание. Я начал принимать этот препарат слишком поздно, да и слишком поздно начал пересматривать что не так делаю в своей жизни (то бишь из за чего просела моя нервная система). В общем сдался пошел к доброму доктору который прописал мне труксал и анафранил, через 1,5 месяца сон восстановился а анафранил в дозе 50 мг пью уже 6 месяцев, знаю что доза при ОКР намного выше, но и эта дозировка помогает. ОКР потихоньку уходит. Нервная система восстанавливается . В общем по мойму L-триптофан нужно пить каждый день с юношеского возраста и до старости для профилактики нехватки серотонина, ну и соответственно изменить отношение к тем вещам которые заставляют нас нервничать , тут у каждого своя дорого.


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