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Miracle cure

iHerb 客户发表于 6月 18, 2011 | 已验证购买

I use this orally, but also as an amazing tooth paste (keeps tooth pain at bay - let it soak in), and add a bit of thickner (xanthan gum) to make the most awesome skin salve - mix slowly (no air bubble entrapment), preferably with a plastic spoon, which does miracles. One night treatment improved circles under my eyes. Dose not sting in open wounds and will accelerate healing like nothing you've ever seen ... plunged a cut finger directly in the powder .. it healed with no peeling at wound edges (never had that happen before) and no scaring. Do not pre-mix ... it oxidizes VERY quickly as soon as it hits water losing the extra electron that it donates to intracellular processes.


Allergy and acne relief: Sodium Ascorbate Nutribiotic

AnaSuarez发表于 12月 17, 2012 | 已验证购买

I take a lot of vitamin C everyday, around 5 or 6 grams a day as it is the only thing that works well to keep allergies away. I began with vitamin C as Dr. Gerard Judd recommended to prevent cavities and to help remineralize enamel. And after 2 or 3 months of taking it I noticed that my teeth were harder and I didn't notice like sand in my mouth that actually was little parts of my teeth, I haven't felt that anymore. So after about one month having Vit. C with an equal part of sodium bicarbonate I noticed that I didn't have allergies and my acne was far better (I didn't have it) actually whenever I take a lower dose my acne reactivates and allergies as well. And the only difference was that I was taking vit.C and Zinc (zinc plus Vit C works even better for acne) and I'm in my forties and have always had acne. My defenses are so much stronger now that I actually don't have flu nor colds. This ascorbate saves time as you don't need to mix it with bicarbonate as it is in the formula. It tastes like too much to bicarbonate but it is very good and gentle to the stomach. and this form of vit C is far cheaper than the pills. Please press yes if you liked this review and go to my profile to see other honest reviews.


Sodium Ascorbate : a real help for gout sufferers

iHerb 客户发表于 10月 07, 2011 | 已验证购买

I find this product extremely useful. Within 24 hours I was able to notice the ph change. Within 7 days I noticed a change in my joints, skin, and digestion. On top of it all, I could really feel the difference all this was making. I have suffered from gout for 20+ years and getting a non-acidic form of Vitamin C that also increases body ph to basic is almost a miracle. This is a good natural way to treat gout and get the Vitamin C your body needs on a daily basis.


Not easy to take small doses - be mindful of vit C effects on hormones

Health-Is-Wealth发表于 12月 10, 2012 | 已验证购买

This dissolves easy and has virtually no taste when mixed with water (slightly saline). However, even one eighth of a tsp is still more than I would like to take so this is not right for me. Suggest any woman struggling with hormonal issues avoid mega doses of vit C - it's a proven aromatase inhibitor and will therefore cause a decrease in estrogen (though obviously that can be advantageous when estrogen is too high). At higher doses it can cause a decrease in both estrogen and progesterone. I've read that amounts over approx 750mg can start to cause hormonal changes that may not be beneficial. If this review was helpful to you, please click YES below - thank you. For reviews of all the products I have purchased from iHerb, please click my username above.


Titrate to Bowel Tolerance for optimal health

iHerb 客户发表于 6月 25, 2012 | 已验证购买

I use it everyday, put half a tea spoon in a 500ml bottle of filtered water, add a table spoon of raw, organic, Apple Cider Vinegar and thats my drink of choice. Love it now, water doesnt feel the same without those two extra ingredients! Its my tonic of choice. And the white of my eyes is whiter than ever! If that is not a sign of good health, not sure what it is! Now, the amount of Vit C one shopuld take daily depends on the state of your health, healthy people can only take 1 or 2 grams before they reach bowel tolerance (loose bowel movements), while people with cancer, can take 20 or 30 grams and never reach bowel tolerance, the body simply needs all the Vit C it can get to fight the cancer. So, my advise is: titrate to bowel tolerance to find out how much you need, everybody is different and your body knows better how much it needs. This way, you know the right amount for both babies and adults. Just stop or slightly reduce when the stools become too loose for your liking. The official 60mg recommended daily amount, is just to avoid scurvy, and in no way leads to optimal health, it is generally considered a joke in the scientific community, but it wont be changed to a higher level because people would be much healthier and wouldnt fall ill as much, and there is lot of money to be made with illnesses.


Best deal on Vit C available

iHerb 客户发表于 3月 01, 2011 | 已验证购买

Taking Vitamin C in this form (sodium ascorbate) is the best. I use it to make liposomal C. But it's also quite nice to simply dissolve a little in some water or juice and take it that way. Much more palatable, imho, than Ascorbic acid crystals. In addition, if you have receding gums, or you need it topically - it is a better format in general. Simply wet the powder with some water, make a paste, and apply it to gums. Studies also show that some skin tumors simply fall off using topical C (not to be used with malignant melinoma - at least not alone). So the topical application again makes it superior to ascorbic acid - which burns too much to use for topical. So overall, for most uses of Vitamin C, this is really the best going that I've been able to find on the net.


A miracle product!

iHerb 客户发表于 12月 15, 2009 | 已验证购买

I was on vacation and woke up with a tight chest, stuffy nose, and lost my voice. I took this at night before bed and woke up almost completely better the next morning. Normally when I get the tight chest and lose my voice, I feel bad for at least 4 days. I also gave it to my husband and kids and they didn't get sick. I love this stuff!!!


excellent product

iHerb 客户发表于 5月 22, 2013 | 已验证购买

This is an excellent and affordable product. I started taking it for my sinusitis and asthma problems. It helped reduce my allergic sensitivity and has made it easier for me to breathe. It is cheaper than any alternative available in this country (Australia) and is packed in a more convenient container (vitamin C powder comes in a large sachet in Australia, which is awkward and messy). I noticed that another commenter complained about the lack of sturdiness of the cap/lid on this container, but I have not found that to be a problem. This product also good because it is not calcium ascorbate. I have no desire to take large quantities of calcium, since not only has calcium been recently and scientifically proven to NOT prevent osteoporosis, but it also clogs up your arteries, causes heart disease and affects your joints. Read about Vitamin K2 if you don't believe me.


Лучший витамин С

Vyacheslav发表于 7月 01, 2014 | 已验证购买

Самое лучшее соотношение цена/качество у этого препарата. И имеет два действия: Защелачивает наши закисленные тела. (У всех кто не веганосыроедит pH смещен в кислую сторону) и насыщает витамином С. Важным антиоксидантом и имуностимулятором. Витамин С так же увеличивает выработку коллагена. Рекомендую


메가도스용으로 가능한 비타민C 입니다.

hyunha发表于 9月 10, 2013 | 已验证购买

국내에서는 순수 아스코르빈산이 아닌 경우 메가도스용으로 부적합하다는 부정확한 정보가 만연해 있는데요. 이 제품도 메가도스용으로 적합한 제품입니다. 라벨에도 적혀 있듯 고혈압 환자에도 무해한 소금이 첨가되어 있는데 위장관 문제로 아스코르빈산이 맞지 않는 사람들에게 맞는 제품입니다. 그리고 10g 이상의 혈관 주사액 메가도스 비타민C 제품 역시 바로 소디움 아스코베이트를 녹인 겁니다. 메가도스용으로 가장 처음 사용된 비타민C 역시 이제품입니다. 메가도스는 하고 싶고 속은 쓰린 사람들은 이제품으로 시작하세요.


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