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Jarrow Formulas, Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex, no more fatigue

droopyyoupi发表于 7月 05, 2013 | 已验证购买

Jarrow Formulas, Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex Shilajit has been shown to contain very high levels of fulvic and humic acids, both of which maintain efficient energy production within our body’s cells. - it boosts learning and memory by driving oxygen, minerals and nutrients into brain cells I've started my third month with it , and it does work ; I don't feel chronic stress either


Super Awesome Shilajit product!

iHerb 客户发表于 5月 23, 2013 | 已验证购买

This is the only standardised extract of shilajit that I am aware of. I have read a lot of research into Primave's shilajit (which Jarrow is selling) and given its high fulvic acid content and other compounds that help enhance energy production in the mitochondria (i.e. active in the ETC), I believe it is great value for money.


качественное мумие

NatNat发表于 7月 13, 2016 | 已验证购买

Для чего надо мумие? Действует хорошо на костную ткань (воздействует в том числе на уровень щелочной фосфатазы) , противовоспалительное действие, хороший гепатопротектор! Дозировка 1-2 таблетки в день. Курс 3-6 месяцев. Кому только заживить перелом - до 2 месяцев. По-сути мумие это неклассический адаптоген. Мамочкам после родов можно принимать по 2 табл 2 недели, затем еще 3 мес по 1шт.(утром или вечером). Кто ну очень тяжело перенес курс антибиотиков, после ангин, вирусов - тоже мумие можно попить. Быстрее поправитесь с этим. Я покупала как противовспалительное. В этом случае конечно лучше пить по 2 таблетки в день. Основная сложность - мумие принимается натощак, за один-два часа перед приемом пищи.


Metabolizing nutrients much better, and more fully

iHerb 客户发表于 10月 27, 2015 | 已验证购买

After years of my body not properly metabolizing minerals, which led to severe Osteoporosis with fracture, and taking eons to heal from anything, among other health problems, I tried Fulvic Acid. Have used it for about a year now (one in the morn and one in the eve) I feel much stronger, and my bone density numbers are improving. At 65 that is a 'very' good thing as they would be expected to continually get worse. May not work for every problem, but is worth a try and has definitely been a life saver for me. I would give it a month or 2 before giving up.


Jarrow Shilajit Fulvic Acid

iHerb 客户发表于 10月 27, 2015 | 已验证购买

There are no silver bullets. Paying for something like this is a shot in the dark. The research isn't there, but there was just enough on the infrequent article I happen to read on the LEF website that spoke of synergy between Shilajit, PQQ and CoQ10 in supporting and renewing mitochondria, for me to say in my years of successfully fending off the worst of MS, why not. I believe the combination, now a year in, has helped my energy levels. Conjecture, given all the other trials I'm on. But no harm, and I suspect, help.



iHerb 客户发表于 8月 09, 2016 | 已验证购买

ここれ買っているフルボ酸ミストが肌にあっているので 半信半疑&興味本位で購入して、毎晩寝る前に1カプセル服用しています。 フルボ酸サプリの情報がネットでも少ないので人体実験的ですが 今のところ、すこぶる肌の調子が良いです。 ミスト化粧水同様、フルボ酸に含まれている天然ミネラルには”セシウム”というミネラル成分も 含有されていますが これは、放射能セシウムとは全く別の様です。 むしろ、天然ミネラル成分の”セシウム”を摂取するコトで 自然界の空気中にも微量に存在している”放射能セシウム”が体内(甲状腺)に蓄積されにくいそうです。 私の体質がミネラル不足なコトもあり、 (一応、NOWフーズのスペシャルツーも飲んでいるんですけどね) フルボ酸でのミネラル補給は美肌・健康面でも合っているように思います。 髪への効果は、日本では理美容業界の差し金って感じがするので 実際はまだ変化は分かりません。 (なぜか、理美容界で流行ってますよね) でも肌と体の調子が良くなってきているので1つを飲み終えた後に 総合的に判断して副作用もなければ、リピートします。 なんたってお安いのが良いです!



iHerb 客户发表于 1月 12, 2017 | 已验证购买

This product provides a noticeable effect. Although slight, it is very life enhancing.


Неприятный сюрприз

iHerb 客户发表于 1月 04, 2017 | 已验证购买

Получив посылку с мумие, на флаконе на дополнительной наклейке обнаружила неприятную информацию "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For further information in regards to Prop 65, please visit website www.jarrow.com/Prop65. Если бы эта информация была предоставлена в описании продукта на сайте, то я бы сильно засомневалась в целесообразности заказа и поискала бы информацию про Prop 65., прежде чем принимать решение.


Heart Pain and Eye Vein Pumping

iHerb 客户发表于 12月 21, 2013 | 已验证购买

I've used for 2 days and observed the same side effects, Heart Pain and Eye Vein Pumping. So, I don't recommend it!


Product effective in use for significantly enhanced energy and memory performance

iHerb 客户发表于 8月 28, 2017 | 已验证购买

I am a 28 year old 5'9" male. I have a medium build and am slightly overweight. I have been practicing as a bodywork therapist in healing for about 5 years now. I ordered this product after reading impressive benefits hailed of this mountainous "destroyer of weakness." I incorporated it into a regimen of Ginseng, Ashwaghanda, beet juice, turmeric+black pepper as another additional tonic. The results were amazing. I had significant amounts of added energy and potential. My power output capacity became clearer and stronger! Because of how it deeply empowers mitochondrial electron-chain power generation, in the very power-generators of the cell-housing, I felt like I had overall 70% more energy than before. The capacity of exertion to apply this power/energy was far greater, too! The most impressive example of bountiful extra energy I can note, is to report how I had sustained energy throughout a day-shift of 5 hours of hands-on intensive bodywork to do. After the 5 hours, I still had so much energy! So I went home and went on to completely clean and organize a good portion of the kitchen and my bedroom, which was of a duration of about 90 minutes. Memory increase and cognitive enhancement notable too. One disappointment I have, not with the product, but with iHerb, is that unfortunately I believe my last order was stolen upon delivery, or perhaps never made it. I had reached out to iHerbs customer service email two times now addressing the issue, to no reply, months after


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