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worth it

iHerb 客户 提交,在 8月 23, 2012 | 已验证购买

i finally found a broad spectrum sunscreen i dont mind putting on my face. the consistency is thick, creamy, and luxurious. it smells herbal and rosey, without a hint of sunscreen-smell. i'm almost addicted to it. the bottle is pretty small and costly but the product is so good that i think i'm going to buy these for the rest of my life.


good though could be easier to get on smoothly

iHerb 客户 提交,在 6月 11, 2012 | 已验证购买

Like this; the scent is very gentle and not bothersome, and my skin feels good after using it. It can be a little tricky to smooth on, bc if it's too thick you can end up brushing a line into your coverage with a sleeve, etc.


love it

melsie 提交,在 3月 13, 2013 | 已验证购买

I love this face sunscreen, I use it as my everyday face sunscreen. It feels really light on my skin and goes on smoothly. It makes my face a bit white if I don't rub it in properly, so make sure to massage this into your skin. I like the smell. It doesn't break me out.


White film on Dark skin.

iHerb 客户 提交,在 1月 03, 2013 | 已验证购买

Im sure it protects well but as another reviewer said it is not a moisturizer as thick as it is and if you have dark skin it will show up too much.



iHerb 客户 提交,在 5月 08, 2012 | 已验证购买

<2011年5月下旬のレビュー> 気温が上がってくるにつれ、使いやすくなりました! ミツロウの硬さよりオイルのなめらかさが際立ち、スルッと伸びます。 従来のチューブタイプの物より、少し柔らかいテクスチャーな気もします。 初夏~晩秋には使いやすいかも(゚∀゚ ) 高温多湿な真夏の使用感は、現時点では謎です。 ただ、汗には強そうです。 乾燥しない点は、アレルギー持ちのカサカサ肌には助かります! <2011年5月上旬のレビュー> 『SPF16って事は日常用。』 『ひょっとして、使用感が良くなってるかも!』 『スルンと伸びるかも!』 と勝手に妄想し、飛びついてしまいました。 が、従来のバジャーと変わらない使い心地です(TヘTo) スルスル~っと伸びるテクスチャーでは無い為、どうしても「肌を擦る」事になります。 充分なSPF値を期待しようとガッツリ塗ると、ナチュラル系のミルククレンジングでは落としきれません。 そして・・、例えガッツリ塗ったところでSPF16・・。 何だか、とても中途半端な存在に思えて残念です。 ウォータープルーフ効果は、そこそこあるとは感じました。 やっぱり、「ナチュラル成分」で「使用感が良い物」となると難しいです(泣)


солнцезащитный крем

iHerb 客户 提交,在 1月 09, 2013 | 已验证购买

хороший крем,радует состав. у меня пористая жирная кожа, склонная к забиванию .Тюк сейчас в осенне-зимний период плот но сижу на кислотах покупала для защиты.выбирала исключительно с физическими фильтрами.на зиму и весну очень хорошо. на лето буду покупать что нибудь из азиатской косметики.лежит на коже хорошо,немного плотноват, но для сибирской зимы это даже плюс.сам крем оформлен очень стильно(стеклянный флакон с дозатором)


Good product but hate the bottle

iHerb 客户 提交,在 7月 03, 2013 | 已验证购买

I apply this to my toddler's face, neck, and chest daily before preschool (it takes 2 pumps). She plays outside twice a day, morning and afternoon. I haven't had any problems with sun burns. If it isn't well blended it leaves white streaks. It isn't greasy or shiny. It smells like rose. Unfortunately, the size is really small for the price, and the bottle makes it really difficult to get all of the product out. Eventually the pump stopped working even though there was still a good amount of product stuck inside the bottle. It was too thick to easily shake out, and doing so became inconvenient and frustrating. Therefore, I probably wouldn't buy it again unless it came in different packaging.


Smells amazing, great ingredients, non-whitening.

Mary-B333 提交,在 4月 03, 2013 | 已验证购买

Badger, the company that makes some of the healthiest of heathy sunscreens, has hit the nail on the head with this one. This formula goes smoothly onto the skin, with very minimal residue. It has a thinner consistency than other natural sunscreens I have tried, and is great to put on before face makeup because it doesn't interfere too much with the application. It also has a floral rose scent that I absolutely love. My only suggestion is that higher SPF would be nice, but this works great as a daily lotion to protect from daily sun exposure. Beyond performance, this sunscreen boasts a super clean ingredients list full of organic extracts, and the active ingredient is uncoated, non-nano Zinc Oxide — pretty much as good as it gets. For my super fair complexion, this is a new essential I'll be repurchasing again and again!


재구매 의사는 있습니다

iHerb 客户 提交,在 3月 01, 2013 | 已验证购买

하얀색의 적당한 질감이구요.. 라벤더향이 살짝 있지만..좋습니다(지인은 강하다고 했음) 조금 백탁느낌 있습니다. 맨얼굴 보다는 아주 조금 밝아진 느낌수준... 남자들도 충분히 사용할수 있는 밝은감입니다. 기름도 별로 안돌고,발랐을때 매트한 느낌입니다만.. 시간이 지나고..문득 얼굴을 만져보면 하얀게 후두둑 떨어집니다.. 때처럼 좀 밀려요..턱 같은 부분이..ㅎㅎ 화장시엔 자제하고,평소에 집에 있을땐 매일매일 바릅니다. 병도 이쁘고, 사용감도 만족하여..다 쓰면 또 재구매하고 싶습니다.


다 좋은데 저는 이거 너무 잘 밀려서 재구매의사가 없어요 ㅠ.ㅠ

hahihuheho 提交,在 10月 01, 2013 | 已验证购买

뱃져 다마스쿠스 로즈의 오일을 너무너무 잘 쓰고 있어서 이것도 좋겠지 하고 샀는데 제 피부에는 잘 밀려요 ㅠ.ㅠ 일부러 다 써보려고 스폰지로 두드려 바르기도 해봤지만 그래도 영 얼굴에 밀착하는 느낌이 없고 둥둥 떠요 당시엔 얼굴에 붙는 느낌이어도 조금 시간 지나면 하얗게 때처럼 나와있어요 물론 각질제거에도 신경쓰는 편입니다만... 아무튼 재구매 의사가 없는데... 아 무기자차 뭘 써야할지 ㅠ.ㅠ 이 리뷰를 쓰고 있지만 뱃져 이 선크림에 다시 도전해봐야하나...


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