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Very economical way to get your D

NBPT10 提交,在 7月 08, 2013 | 已验证购买

There is lots of research out now on vitamin D. It is actually a hormone and not a vitamin. It was misclassified as a vitamin when it was first discovered. You have vitamin D receptors all over your body proving it has influence on many biological processes. As time goes on science will learn more of what it does but below are just a few know positives about maintaining a high vitamin D level: It is an important immune system modulator. It is also important in helping calcium get into the bones and teeth. It helps insulin get into the cells slowing or preventing insulin resistance. It has been shown to reduce the risk of colon, breast, bladder, and thyroid cancer. It has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke. It can slow the onset of autoimmune diseases. It can help Most people to supplement. Especially those who can not get enough vitamin D from sun exposure. This is especially true of those living in Colder claimants as the angle of the sun is too shallow to be effective in receiving enough uv-b radiation needed to make D. You should get your Vitamin D levels measured every year at your annual physical with a 25-hydroxy vitamin D test. You may be surprised how low your level is. Most functional medicine doctors and ND's agree that a healthy level should be 50-100 ng/ml. Many lab ranges are 30-80. So be aware of this discrepancy. Many MD's still do not measure it and those that do subscribe to out dated lab ranges. It is best absorbed with your largest meal of the day and taking it with some fat helps in the absorption. This product is in olive oil (a very stable oil) which provide some fat. Beware of other D drops that are in less stable oils like sunflower oil. Oils like this can go rancid much easier. These drops are a very economical way to purchase your vitamin D and I have always been satisfied with Nature's Answers quality. If you found this review helpful, kindly visit my iherb home page for more value added reviews. "Yes" helpful votes are appreciated. Peace and good health


Great deal!

iHerb 客户 提交,在 3月 23, 2010 | 已验证购买

2 drops a day make a tremendous difference. You can feel the effects of renewed energy and of consistent good health. Now that recommendation is coming from a married couple that eats only the best, natural, whole, and organic foods. Highly recommended!


Beware sub-potency

iHerb 客户 提交,在 3月 05, 2011 | 已验证购买

I have had my vitamin D25 OH level checked regularly for over 3 years due to severe osteoporosis treatment. After I switched to this as my main source of D3, my blood level of D25 OH dropped unexpectedly. I do not trust this product and wish I had not been using it for over half a year. Brands I trust based on testing are Now and Life Extension.


Don't buy

iHerb 客户 提交,在 7月 04, 2013 | 已验证购买

They get their vitamin d from china.



iHerb 客户 提交,在 11月 11, 2016 | 已验证购买

우리나라꺼 살펴보다가 싸서샀는데 이거그냥 올리브오일인건가여? 두방울에 4000iu라는거죠? 그냥 올리브오일을 비타민D3라고 먹는건지....ㅜ


риск не оправдывает себя!

OxanaB 提交,在 11月 04, 2013 | 已验证购买

пропила месяц, эффекта не ощутила, погрузилась в тему Д-профилактики, прием прекратила, препарат отдала бабушке (дальше расскажу, почему). Вообще такие дозы без необходимости самому себе назначать опасно. Передозировка (даже малейшая) витамина Д куда опаснее, чем его нехватка, т.к. оказывает сильнейшее токсическое воздействие на организм в целом и на печень в особенности. Есть 2 категории людей, которым такая доза корее всего будет полезна: больные рассеянным склерозом и старики за 70. Остальным (и в особенности, малышам, которым у нас поголовно назначают вит. Д для профилактики) лучше полчаса в день погулять. УФ лучи проникают и сквозь тучи тоже.


Produit de qualité, très efficace

Nereide 提交,在 1月 13, 2013 | 已验证购买

Faisant très certainement une carence en vitamine D (je fuis le soleil, en plus), j'ai décidé de prendre un complément de vitamine D sous forme liquide - apparemment la meilleure façon d'en prendre pour qu'elle soit bien assimilée. La prise est facile, le produit n'a aucun goût et surtout au bout d'une semaine déjà je constate les effets bénéfiques : plus de peps, meilleure forme globale et je suis moins frileuse. Après j'imagine que pas mal de compléments de vitamine D liquide se valent, j'ai choisi cette marque là par raport à son prix et aux commentaires positifs. Je testera peut-être une autre marque lorsque j'aurai terminé mon flacon.


골다공증엔 칼슘보다 비타민D를

iHerb 客户 提交,在 8月 11, 2015 | 已验证购买

의사가 칼슘제보다 비타민 D를 먹어야 칼슘흡수가 된다고 해서 부랴부랴 골다공증인 엄마를 위해 비타민디를 추가로 구매했어요. 에션설오일처럼 병드롭식이라 편할것같아요 칼슘을 위해선 비타민디를 먼저 섭취가 중요하다네요... 비타민디 부족하면 칼슘 백날먹어도 흡수가 않된다네용 . 뼈에 흡수가 않되어 신장결석이나 생길수 있다능....


I'm optimal now

iHerb 客户 提交,在 2月 26, 2011 | 已验证购买

From Michigan with little sun exposure. Prior to using this product, my D levels were below optimal at 29. Optimal is in the 50 to 70 range, but some say 32 -100 is optimal as well. After 3 months of using 5 drops a day (10,000 units), my levels were 65 and 6 months later at 86 which is when I started feeling better as well. It dispenses easily and I've been provided two types of droppers at different times and I liked both. It is "apples to apples" the exact same price as Carlson 4000 IU when you buy 12 bottles of each, although Carlson will last you over twice longer because it is so concentrated. I can't comment on Carlson since I haven't used it, but the coconut oil base is extremely good for you, and I'm not sure quantities that low will do any good. I'm waiting on my lab results after being on it for nearly 1 1/2 years. I just might be able to reduce my dosage now and will get my whole family on it regularly now that it's been proven to work.


vit d

iHerb 客户 提交,在 3月 03, 2011 | 已验证购买

I won't order again. No clear instructions on dosage....2 drops....that's too vague. How big of a drop. And the dropper was broken when I received it even though it was packaged very well.


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