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Now Foods现在食品,公司创立于1968年,至今已有四十多年历史,为美国最大最全的天然保健食品生产商之一,是美国保健品市场上名列三甲的国际知名的天然保健品牌,其生产的保健食品种类达1800多种,均通过美国GMP认证- 包括维生素,矿物质,草药,天然食品,天然个人护理产品,亚麻籽油,果胶,椰子油,辅酶Q10和其他流行的保健品。

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NOW Foods is the # 1 selling brand of supplements in the natural foods channel.  NOW started in 1968 and offers superior value for over 1,000 products.  This includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, natural foods and natural personal care products.  NOW is family owned and operated and has won recent industry, environmental, export and product awards.  NOW - Nutrition for Optimal Wellness.

Beating the Odds: Read about the history of Now Foods and what makes it so unique.

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